The Lockdown Diary - Day 6

Published: 06/04/2020 By Patrick Henry

It’s the start of a new week! And after looking through my emails, it seems that things have calmed down from where they were 4-5 days ago. I still have a lot of work to do to formalise all of the agreements between the different tenants and landlords, but I don’t expect there to be an issue after the amazing levels of compassion and understanding that has been displayed so far. My attentions have now somewhat shifted to the properties that I am selling. So far I haven’t received any bad news which is reassuring, and the only conversations that I have had with buyers and sellers have related to how we could speed the transaction process up! Unfortunately, two of our vendors are in the “at-risk” category that the government has mentioned and sadly one of them is in a care home, which I can’t imagine is going to be the safest place to be with the number of people coming in and out daily.