The Lockdown Diary - Week 3

Published: 06/04/2020 By Patrick Henry

Whilst some people are reporting that lockdown is like a never-ending hamster wheel of monotony, I found myself flip-flopping between comforting worried landlords, celebrating with successful purchasers and arguing – as professionally as possible – with solicitors. No two days have been alike over this three-week lockdown. One standout moment for me was the completion of the sale of a property which had been dragging on for months due to delays at the council. Usually, the new owners meet us at the office where we shake hands, hug and sometimes I am even gifted a bottle of wine and a card for my tireless and diligent efforts. This time however I had to deliver an envelope, with the keys inside and post it through the new owner’s letterbox. Fortunately, we still managed to have an appropriately socially distant chat to say congratulations as they hung out of their window. I am looking forward to going back to the handshakes and hugs!