H.M.Oh no!

Published: 08/10/2018 By Patrick Henry

The first of October 2018, brought new H.M.O (House of Multiple Occupancy) regulations, not only do they now apply to properties that are split over three or more floors but all properties with 5 or more tenants (that form more than one household) have to apply for an H.M.O licence with their local council.

This can prove to be quite an issue with portfolio landlords that exploited the fact that only properties split over three or more floors needed H.M.O licences. Only time will tell how many properties have their licence applications rejected, but this could be quite an issue for some landlords who rely on renting to five or more tenants to cover their costs. It is a wonder to many people how this was not enshrined in law before now, but at least proper steps have been taken to ensure safe housing for homes of multiple.

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