Make a wise move and choose your local estate agent

Published: 06/06/2016 By Stephanie Wright

Looking to sell or let your property? Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, here at Patrick Henry we understand the struggles of putting your property on the market.


So where does it all start? Firstly you need to choose your agent and with so many names out there it can be a daunting task to decide which of them is the right one for you. We recommend that your first decision should be between either instructing one of the big players in the industry or instructing you local independent estate agent. Perhaps you want the best of both worlds and are considering multiple agencies? But we'll discuss the pros and cons of that later on...


The stand out benefit of choosing a local agent is the level of local knowledge they have acquired, especially those working within a single office. Larger national companies tend to have several offices spread throughout a region with their properties being sparse across. These companies are likely to acquire a broad overview of their areas, however they will lack the in-depth knowledge that you gain as a local agent. At a single office the majority of their properties and prices in the area will ensure that they value and market your property at the best possible price. Furthermore local agents will have a solid understanding of how well similar properties perform in the area and can provide you with recent, trustworthy feedback as they have experienced it with previous properties. Whilst some agents may suggest the highest prices possible purely to gain a new client, it is far more important to provide clients with a realistic price for their property to ensure a successful sale or let.


Although larger companies may have a significant number of registered applicants waiting for a quick move this could deteriorate their attention to detail and dedication to your property. Local agencies work in smaller numbers and because of that are able to manage every client in a personable way. Independent agents are very often known for their unique and professional service, whilst with national estate agents you may find that information is a lot slower as they often contact different office to find out the correct information. Whereas working with a local independent agency you will receive regular contact and will become familiar with each member of the team. At Patrick Henry we like to build a strong relationship with our clients so that they feel reassured and are certain they're being well looked after.


Additionally, Local agents tend to have a lower budget for marketing so their focus is on building a great reputation through excellent customer care and a five star service. For us and for many other local agents they majority of our clients are a result of high recommendations of our service. Who better to take advice from than people just like you? No amount of marketing can say it better than a kind and personable recommendations which is why we appreciate them so much.


Sometimes clients decide to instruct multiple agencies and although your property will reach a wider scope there are many downfalls which lead us to always recommend sole agency. Not only is it more expensive for you but you may end up with the first offer available instead of the best one. When the pressure of other agents is added you may find yourself being pushed into offers that you aren't entirely certain of purely because the agents are in competition with each other. Amongst many other downfalls the repetitiveness of your property online may also put off potential enquiries.


We may be slightly biased but we definitely think your local agency is the best way to go!