Think Pastel

Published: 18/05/2016 By Stephanie Wright

Looking for some Summer inspiration? Why not try using natural and soft pastel shades to embrace this season's trend and welcome a delicious summer taste to your home. Pastel colours are set to be a strong theme this Summer and the use of these gorgeous and vibrant colours are becoming extraordinarily popular.


As well as being this season's style inspiration the use of pastel shades can do wonders to any room, they have the power to instantly soften and boast a natural appeal. Not only that but with the correct use they can transform your room to create the illusion of it being both bigger and brighter!


Create this stylish and romantic look in your home and have everyone's heads turning. We've created some useful tips to help you achieve this trend just in time for summer.


1. Don't go overboard! This can be a very common mistake, especially if you love these soft and soothing colours as much as we do. Don't worry, we are here to the rescue, remember you need to mix your pastel colours with just a few splashes of vibrant bold. This will reduce the risk of having a pastel overload and becoming "in your face". Using these bold colours will ensure that you maintain contemporary style throughout the year. Create that WOW factor.


2. Working on a budget? No problem! You can still incorporate pastel into your look even if you don't wish to spend too much or transform your home too dramatically. We have the answer to give you that fresh feel your looking for. Pastel accessories are the perfect way to achieve this trend on a budget. Why not try adding some pastel cushions and vases to you're home and watch the rooms brighten instantly. Tah dah!


3. Are you classic or modern? You can easily introduce pastel to both of these styles. Does your living room ooze classic style with the furniture and colours you have chosen? If so you can still rock this pastel look, pastel shades work really well with white, black and brown as the new tones will blend in well with one another. However, have you chosen a modern feel to your home? Then why not try blending your pastel colours with solid red and purple tones. It will add depth and a homely feel to your living room. Cosy!


Why not take the leap today and make that pastel purchase, we guarantee you will love it!